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The Showers

Both our showers are outdoor and designed especially for our space to give you the most magical showering experience, outdoors in nature.

Solar Shower side view_edited.jpg
solar shower_edited.jpg

The Solar Shower

The Solar Shower is found on our upper rose terrace and has two solar heated showers with hot and cold running water, perfect for showering with a friend. There is a French drainage system that has been designed to carry the run-off water to the surrounding garden so every time you take a shower, the plants also get a little drink.

solar shower outdoor_edited_edited.jpg
Octogan Hut Culsenlair_edited.jpg
Outdoor shower_edited_edited.jpg

The Lunar Shower

Our lunar shower is found on the bottom woodland terrace and is a cold shower with no hot water, perfect for cooling down on a hot day. Praised by followers of the Wim Hof method, enjoy the benefits of a cold shower as an excellent tool to decrease inflammation and increase circulation in the body. They've been hailed to increase the immune system and boost mood and why wouldn't you feel great knowing all the run off water is going to the trees.

Outdoor shower side_edited.jpg
Outdoor shower wood and branches_edited.jpg
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