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The Rigs

Meet Beauty and The Beast, our pride and joy and two beautiful pieces of engineering. Designed and built by IJuggler, each rig is fully certificated and rated to European Standards.

The Beast Rig_edited_edited.jpg

The Beast

Standing at 7 meters tall, with an 8 x 8 meter ground space, there's plenty of room to move, spin and fly. The Beast boasts five Aerial Rigging points and can run up to four lunges simultaneously.  Rated at 36kn WLL and 44kn BLL, equating to a 734kg  working load on each point..


Beauty stands at 7 meters tall and has legs spaced at 3.5 meters apart with feet at 6.5 meters, She has a WLL of 22kn and a BLL of 36kn, she has a single point but its all she needs.

Beauty Goal Post Rig_edited_edited.jpg
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